Safety Screens & Pods

Safety Screens and Pods

Pop Up Modular Divide

Our temporary ‘pop-up’ solutions are perfect for such as village halls, hair salons and restaurant buildings, used regular by local authorities for such as voting booths, and healthcare professions as private booths can be quickly constructed allowing a degree of privacy for staff and visitors to the centre.

Safety Screens and Pods Yorkshire

Voting Booths

Using our modular systems and profiles we can build temporary or permanent voting booths which if required can be dis-assembled and flat packed between use.

Safety Screens and Pods Yorkshire

Office Desk Screens

Section up office desks or customer facing counters for your staffs protection. We offer acrylic desk screens, and budget correx screens printed with company branding and complete with clear window.

Office Desktop Screens Yorkshire

Office Desk Divides

Section up office desks with clear or coloured desk divide screens, acrylic and clamp system or the full aluminium surround frame for additional strength and style. We manufacture each bespoke to your exact specification and to suit your application and location within your premises.

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Extrusions and Profiles

Safety Screens and Pods Yorkshire