Pop-up Presentation

Pop Up Presentation

Standard Pop-up Exhibition

For a quick, simple ready to go pop up exhibition booth we offer a couple of options, each can be printed with your personal branding and design within the print area, these can be complemented with our pop-up desks, and literature holders. Some are available with lighting and many are complete with carry case.

Pop Up Presentation

Pop-up Counters

Flat pack and easy to assemble counters and desks many with under shelf storage suitable for exhibitions, presentations or reception areas. We are able to print the front panel with your personal branding, design or promotion.

Pop Up Presentation

Literature Dispensers

We offer a range of modular literature dispensers and storage solutions. Post mounted, freestanding or wall mount systems, the pocket can either be supplied as a dispenser or poster display and to all the standard paper / poster sizes and orientations.

Pop Up Presentation

Pop-Up Banners

Pop up or roller banners as they are sometimes known remain a popular item for us to print and sell our clients, the simplicity of these tried and tested products is perhaps its greatest strength and why it still remains popular at exhibitions, lectures and is often seen in company corridors & reception areas. Did you know however that we also offer wider units, and double sided units?

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